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Explore this website, then come explore our town and you'll see why 

Everybody Loves Raymond!  

Raymond, Minnesota is a family-friendly small town with BIG things to offer. 

Located only 10 miles southwest of Willmar on Highway 23, Raymond offers:

There are many reasons to visit Raymond, first and foremost being family and friends. But once you're here, you might be surprised to see the variety of businesses on our redeveloped Main Street, ranging from banking and insurance to carpenters and cabinet builders to auto repair and auto sales to our award-winning supermarket.

You might be interested in shopping at one of our major franchise dealerships: Apol's Harley Davidson and Tensen Marine. You might be wondering -- how did a town of 800 people get major franchise dealerships, especially with a regional center (Willmar) only 10 miles away? Well, obviously these businesses have been around for a long time, and their national brands have stayed with them because of the large amount of loyal customers that come from hundreds of miles specifically to shop with them.

Maybe you want to watch a baseball game or play a round of golf at Hawk Creek Country Club - our challenging, yet affordable, 9-hole public course - or take a walk by the lake bottom on our beautiful nature trails.

The city of Raymond and the Raymond Civic & Commerce also hosts or supports several family friendly events each year, starting with the Memorial Day Parade in the spring, a Customer Appreciation day each summer, the Raymond Harvest Festival in the fall, and the Holiday Express each winter.

Raymond Minnesota businesses

Raymond has a small but thriving local business community and we continue to welcome new entrepreneurs of all kinds - we are here to help you succeed! Explore this website, and then come explore our town and you'll see why Everybody Loves Raymond!

Raymond Rockets state baseball champions

Raymond is home to the 2016 state baseball champion Raymond Rockets and the 2009 high school baseball state champion MACCRAY Wolverines, as well as the fun and friendly 9-hole golf course at Hawk Creek Country Club.

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