For our working families with young children, Raymond has four high-quality, in-home daycares. They each provide a unique, nurturing environment for children to grow, have fun, and socialize with other kids! Each daycare is licensed and easy to work with.

Brenda Tuve Daycare
Brenda Tuve
107 2nd Street South
Raymond MN 56282

Michelle's Daycare
Michelle Minter
306 4th Ave. South
Raymond MN 56282

Tanya's Tikes
Tanya Call
203 4th St. South
Raymond MN 56282

Toni's Daycare
Toni Burns
702 4th Ave. S.
Raymond MN 56282

In Raymond, you can feel great knowing that your children will grow up in a safe, caring, small-town environment with easy access to high-quality child care, education, and life-long learning experiences.

Raymond is home to MACCRAY East Elementary, which hosts classes from pre-school and kindergarten through 6th Grade. The MACCRAY School District is blessed with dedicated, top-notch teachers and staff that strive to improve the educational experience MACCRAY students receive. Unlike larger schools, our students grow with one-to-one attention where teachers and students know each other by name. MACCRAY provides a great education for kids!

Raymond has high quality daycares!

Raymond has high quality daycares!